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March Forward

Note: This article looks for hope in the profound lessons of history. Reflection in an uncertain time…

Managing Engineering/R&D in a Downturn

Engineering and R&D are often critical to the long-term value of a company, yet they consume precious cash during a downturn. How can a company preserve long term value while still managing cash?

Get to the Other Side

CFO Perspective: 120 Day Survival Plan

During extreme economic uncertainty a business must be prepared to have both a Deliberate defense and a Focused offense.

Marketing Approach: Stay Calm

COVID-19 needs a Novel ‘20 Marketing Approach

Fear, uncertainty and doubt is to be expected in the current state of the nation and world. Media (even remarkably ESPN) is eating it up and has a permanent “Breaking News” banner flashing and afixed to the bottom quarter of your television screen. With the sequestering and our newest oxymoron “social distancing” of Americans including working from home to flatten yet elongate the infection curve, this pandemic is an opportunity and quite frankly a necessity for your marketers to be master communicators. The world needs Thought Leaders right now as the economy is in chaos.

Get to the Other Side

Bias for Action

Crisis, our stakeholders need our leadership to Get to the Other Side. Very few events in our lifetime create such uncertainty. The ability to navigate a disaster and the number of mind-numbing scenarios is a true test. Yet, human nature is to react as business is usual. Instinctually we gravitate towards day-to-day decisions. The situation demands leadership and action: assess, measure, and react.

Prescott and Princeton, Ingenuity and Innovation

In order to fund my higher education in the mid 70’s, like many young idealists, I made my way north to Alaska. After walking the docks, I was thrilled to get a job in the local cold storage processing whatever fish was in season. Through a weird set of circumstances, I was promoted to foreman at a very young age. (Yes, naive and clueless.) The resilient people of the small town

Two Nickels

A few years back, my brother, Greg, and I struggled over a gift to give our father for his 87th birthday. Dad was fiercely independent and “didn’t need a thing.” But Greg and I weren’t having it. We were adopted and Dad had given us the gift of a childhood. He had given us his name, his values, work ethic and his family history. We discussed several items but settled on rebuilding the

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