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How to Raise Startup Funding from Colorado Investors (Online Event)

We’ll address Colorado’s unique venture landscape, how to know when a VC is actually interested to avoid soft-offer guessing games, securing your lead investor, which companies are best suited to raise capital in Colorado, as well as how the current climate is affecting valuations, VC portfolios and company exits.

Startup Funding in DC: How to Raise Money for Your Business (Online Event)

Learn expert tips, big pitfalls to avoid, what investors are looking for, how equity works, and more from the following guest speakers: Keith Camhi (SVP, Techstars, Institutional Investor), Jim Dunn (Partner, D Partners, Moderator), Paul Smith (Venture-Backed CEO and Active Investor), Mark Newhouse (Partner, Innosphere Fund, Institutional Investor), and Chris Hagan (Partner, Perkins Coie).

Managing Marketing & Sales in a Downturn

Amongst other issues COVID-19 is challenging cash flow. When expenses are tight, Marketing and Sales expense levels can present real dilemmas.

Colorado-5 Major Crisis-Leadership Challenges part 1 of 2

Colorado has experienced five major crisis points over the past 35 years, each affecting the citizens of Colorado and our economy in unique ways.

Crisis Management: Planning a Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

The critical question for stakeholders today is, “How does our business survive the Covid-19 crisis?” While the answer to this question is unique to each business, there are key questions for managers and owners to ask themselves in order to plan a response…

March Forward

Note: This article looks for hope in the profound lessons of history. Reflection in an uncertain time…

Managing Engineering/R&D in a Downturn

Engineering and R&D are often critical to the long-term value of a company, yet they consume precious cash during a downturn. How can a company preserve long term value while still managing cash?

Get to the Other Side

CFO Perspective: 120 Day Survival Plan

During extreme economic uncertainty a business must be prepared to have both a Deliberate defense and a Focused offense.

Marketing Approach: Stay Calm

COVID-19 needs a Novel ‘20 Marketing Approach

Fear, uncertainty and doubt is to be expected in the current state of the nation and world. Media (even remarkably ESPN) is eating it up and has a permanent “Breaking News” banner flashing and afixed to the bottom quarter of your television screen. With the sequestering and our newest oxymoron “social distancing” of Americans including working from home to flatten yet elongate the infection curve, this pandemic is an opportunity and quite frankly a necessity for your marketers to be master communicators. The world needs Thought Leaders right now as the economy is in chaos.

Get to the Other Side

Bias for Action

Crisis, our stakeholders need our leadership to Get to the Other Side. Very few events in our lifetime create such uncertainty. The ability to navigate a disaster and the number of mind-numbing scenarios is a true test. Yet, human nature is to react as business is usual. Instinctually we gravitate towards day-to-day decisions. The situation demands leadership and action: assess, measure, and react.

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