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James P. Dunn

James P. Dunn (Jim)

Jim has assembled a committed team of exceptional CxO talent. Our mission: Develop and execute operational strategies. Thus, quickly transform underperforming companies into attractive investment opportunities. Jim has thirty years in investment thesis development, business transformation, leadership, strategy and team building. Therefore, we are targeting emerging growth companies in manufacturing, information technology, BPO and communication industries.

Team Builder
Jim works closely with all stakeholders. Investors value a management team with diverse yet dedicated skills and a body of experience to effectively address complex situations. Jim, with his extraordinary colleagues, succinctly assess situations, communicate broadly, and build trust through sustainable performance. Thus, we have a deep sense of urgency and exceptional follow-through.

D Partners Edge
Recently, Jim was CEO and Board Member of Bask Technology. Prior, Jim was CEO for (WPP family) Kantar’s Center Partners. Jim has operated as executive management for publicly and privately held companies including GE ITS, SITEL, Stream International, Access Graphics, Oppenheimer Funds, and Kemper and has served on various boards including Capstone Strategic, Remote Power, and CLBL. Jim earned a BSBA and MBA from Denver University.

Cell: 571.442.7586


Situations Wanted! Why D Partners!

Our Experience
We are CxO level executives that have a hundred years of combined EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE.  More importantly, we have worked TOGETHER in many different situations for over 25 years.  We build teams because we work as a TEAM.

Your Situation – At Risk?
Drive improved sustainable performance! Breakthroughs through superior EXECUTION. We partner with At-Risk Capital providing undervalued situations with VISION and MANAGEMENT.

We are looking for opportunities in the Business Services and IT Solutions Sectors based on need and our experience.  However, we have broad experience across many other sectors.

Company Size and Characteristics
Size: Revenue $50M up and viable. Strong sense of URGENCY by all stakeholders to move forward.

Audience (At Risk Capital)
Private Equity, Board of Directors, Institutional Investors, Debt Holders talk to us.  Corporate advisors, attorneys, investment bankers, let’s connect.


Gary J. Kulesza

Gary J. Kulesza

We Work for Investors
Gary maintains the highest levels of trust with all the stakeholders through superior analysis, honest and direct communications. He has successfully managed companies through IPOs, buyouts (LBOs), carve outs, transitions (performance challenged situations), mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, refinancing, consolidations and expansions.

Agile Entrepreneurship
Companies can hit periods of underperformance. Hire us, we create value. Gary has 30+ years of CxO experience; proficient both in operations and finance. Therefore, he has a penchant for action with a rare combination of analysis, strategy and execution.

We Work with Advisors
We are actively seeking our next adventure. We work with a wide array of legal and investment advisors. Always, we align our investment thesis with equity sponsors. Recently, Gary was interim CEO for a company owned by one of the largest international PE firms handling a leadership transition. Gary was also an operating partner with AEA Investors; beginning in 2006, retired in 2017. Broad industry focus includes: technology; manufacturing; retail and distribution; services, staffing, education, vehicle maintenance; communications; restaurant, food service and gaming.

Gary has a BBA from Niagara University and completed Executive Training programs from Harvard and Wharton.

Cell: 303.517.0635

Tom Maddux

H. Thomas Maddux (Tom)

Deliver Revenue
Tom has acquired and nurtured several Fortune 500 relationships in business development role for thirty years. Tom understands markets and trends, marrying the right team with the right motivation and focus; therefore, delivering sustainable performance.

Innovate Industry
Tom has held executive leadership positions in international BPO and KPO companies for over thirty years. Accountable for strategic development and tactical execution of revenue management, Tom delivers a P&L. Tom has extensive experience in transforming, building and leading several large multinational companies focused in business, marketing and information technology services.

Deliver Value
Recently, Tom lead operations at private equity owned crowd sourcing technology company operating in the Business Services Sector. Tom also acted as President in the reposition and sale of WPP / Kantor’s sale of Center Partners. Before that, Tom served as VP of Global Emerging Markets (Retail, Auto, Hospitality, Logistics, Healthcare, and Government) for Convergys. Prior to this, Tom worked for several leading companies.

Tom has his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wofford College. He has also attended the Executive Program at The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and the Fellows Program at Wharton School of Business, Aresty Institute. Additionally, Tom served as a Captain in the Army.

Cell: 828.817.7613


  • Develop & lead great organizations.

  • Recruit exceptional teams.

  • Identify, Crystalize and Execute market opportunities.

  • Align the organization with market focus.

  • Performance breakthroughs, substantial gains for all stakeholders.


Seth Greenberg

Seth Greenberg

Accelerating Transformation
Seth’s vast marketing experience includes leading remarkable consumer & enterprise brands like Intuit (TurboTax & QuickBooks), LifeLock & most recently repositioning Alteryx from a point solution to the leading data science and analytics platform, with one of the best growth stories from pre to post IPO (NYSE: AYX).

Building a Culture of Growth
Seth attracts and grows high performing teams that consistently exceed demand generation KPIs, blow away conference attendee goals & receive much more than their “fair share” of earned media, including non-stop placements in top broadcast, print & digital publications. Seth helped drive exponential growth for TurboTax from $600M to $1.5B, take Quickbooks to a SaaS subscription model, reposition Lifelock for a successful acquisition and take Alteryx public as one of the top performing stocks over the past two years.

Momentum and Mentorship
Seth frequently leverages industry analysts (i.e. Gartner, Forrester) to successfully position solutions as a “Leader”, social media to create an army of advocates and financial analyst days to create excitement, buzz and momentum amongst the investor community. Additionally, Seth mentors, invests and advises leaders in the technology, data and security sectors. Seth earned his Bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University and attended graduate school at the American Film Institute.

Cell: 650.242.5662

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